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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by dude77
yes he saw a 'teen' walking in the rain .. you say it as if being a teen is some qualifying or redeeming quality .. it's irrelevant that he's a teen .. teens are quite capable of causing others harm .. he saw what he thought was someone who looked suspicious .. again, we didn't see what he saw ..
Where is the fact in this? Suspicious because he was a a man walking in the rain with skittles?

you keep ignoring relevant facts .. again, they've been having a rash of break ins and home invasions .. that's very serious .. I would be more viligant in my neighborhood if that was happening .. nothing wrong with that .. he saw someone he deemed suspicious .. nothing wrong with that ..

Where are the facts? The guy made a dumb observation based on what he heard? Is that the fact for you? It doesn't matter how he came to his dumb observation. Would you want your son to be followed around by a guy with a gun because he didn't know there were robberies in some neighborhood? Even in hindsight you are not smarter than Zimmerman? A guy so dumb that he doesn't know the numbering scheme on a place he lived for more than a year and is a watch for. How many times did he call the police?

yeah he profiled him .. so what ? .. if I have a bunch of hoodlums causing trouble in my neighborhood, I'm gonna pay extra attention to anyone who looks suspicious around the neighborhood .. yeah he followed him .. more like keeping track of him .. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT .. apparently you have a problem with people wanting to be more vigilant and aware and protective of themselves and their property .. that's your problem .. I'm ok with that ..

I do the work myself. I make the guys on my block pull up their pants and even watch their language. Some of them used to hate me. So I am more vigilant than most. Nonetheless, Zimmerman profiled horribly wrong on a kid with skittles and talking to his friend on the phone. You just admitted he profiled, well that the civil rights suit. The death as a result of, is the ensuing civil suit. Other proof can get him 25 years. But he made his mistakes but it seems like people like you aren't smart enough to learn from them.

and ? .. according to you, he's not supposed to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious because he may incorrectly profile them .. no

He said Trayvon was walking in the rain. You think everybody who walks in the rain should be profiled and pursued with guns?

cry me a river .. many of us have been profiled at one time or another .. I've been profiled .. I don't give a shit .. in this day and age, if you're not doing anything, 9 times out of 10, nothing will come of it .. of course if you are, chances are something will ..

So you were profiled for walking in the rain and were shot at.

he's expressing his frustration at pos criminals who get away yes .. astute observation .. that doesn't mean he wanted to kill tm
You are defending a guy who is angry at the world pursing an innocent kid, thinking the kid is all the guys who get away with crime. The kid wasn't getting away with anything except innocently walking in the rain. This is a fact. In your diseased mind you think you and Zimmerman are right to merge Trayvon with all the guys you fear or got away with a crime. You even said it was "astute" and have said several times this is right. Zimmerman was a madman caught up in the moment... what's your excuse?
he was keeping track of him .. not hunting him down to kill him

If you have a gun you naturally avoid situations that might cause you to pull it out in a community during family hours unless the stakes are extremely high like a guy that might take others in mass. This clown does it to pursue a guy walking in the rain. So kids were at risk, he ends up killing the guy and by three accounts comes off hostile with the kid when they meet.

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