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Default Re: Pistons Interested in Rudy Gay

Originally Posted by Dr.Funk
Time to hope and pray that the Pistons fail in there bids to land Iguodala and Josh Smith.

Looking at there current roster and they really appear to be perfect trade partners for us with no bad contracts to force back on us.

I don't think Iggy is going to Detroit. There have been reports of Denver offering Iggy 5 years 63 mil. Whereas Kings are mulling on whether to offer Iggy the max. In either of those scenarios, I don't think Detroit can match. When it comes to Josh Smith, I think he is the more interesting case. He seems to be the backup plan for all the teams in the Dwight Howard race. Dwight Howard's decision supposedly isn't coming for a few days and it is thought to be a two team race between Rockets and Lakers.

Another possible scenario is Josh Smith joining Howard in Houston (which would cost the Rockets Lin and Asik, but they would be foolish not to do it). Either of those cases, if the interest in Rudy Gay is real, there is definitely a deal that could be had. I think whatever the case with the expirers are, Toronto must come away with a first round pick in that deal. Also, it still bothers me MLSE would approve a Rudy Gay trade when they were not sure if they were bringing back BC...
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