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Default Re: Is misdemeanor vandalism a serious charge

Originally Posted by Smoke117
No. They arrested me because of vandalism in front of a police officer...apparently. What is hilarious is i was arrested for DIP a couple days later and when I was arrested for vandalism all I was wearing was boxers and gym shorts and was there an hour and they just let me go. I didn't even know where I was. I was just walking around, no shoes, no shirt. I walked on some party and some chick gave me a bud light and some black fool kicked me in the stomach...or pushed kicked me. It didn't hurt he was just pushing me away. I was just walking by, but I'm sure I looked crazy just walking around in gym shorts and that's all. Ironically eventually I flagged down a police officer and told him i needed a ride home and was lost. I was more messed up then than I was when I got the drunk in public charge.

you might want to consider attending some alochol classes or something , to prove you are fixing your "drinking problem"
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