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Originally Posted by ljsbb27
I like the Dunleavy signing. One of our biggest needs if not the biggest need was three-point shooting which he certainly addresses. Despite his shooting being his greatest asset he does a couple of other things pretty well.
He's a smart player who doesn't make a lot of mistakes or turn the ball over.
He's a decent passer and ball handler who more times than not will make the right play and find the open man. Not a great defender but puts in the effort to be ok at it.
He'll give us some quality minutes.

If Im not mistaken, Dunleavy is SF, same position that Deng plays. Luol has been pretty reliable playing heavy minutes the past 2 years. Jimmy Butler did pretty good as SG but still is not a proven shooter IMO. Im quite surprised that they didn't go after a guy like Redick, a decent defender and at the same time a very dependable shooter.
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