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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by MJ23forever
Depends, if he was punching close to Z then it wouldn't cause that much damage in the long run. John Good's testmony would kind of support this, as he said TM's fists were ''only going down'' indicating that TM didn't take much of a 'run up' so to speak in each punch.

If you don't understand what I mean, punch yourself in the eye (or knee) from ~~20cm, then punch yourself in the eye (or knee) from ~~50cm. Big difference.

Zim said he checked TM's hands because he felt TM was hitting him with bricks. The jury has to have noticed that Zim's account is pretty exaggerated, but I'm not sure if it's enough to completely discredit Zim. How much does the jury buy into Zim's account? Do they feel he dressed it up to justify lethal force?
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