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Default Re: Pistons Interested in Rudy Gay

I believe in this situationt they must get a young piece back and a draft pick. Money does solve some of the problem but as everyone well aware knows no one will sign here unless

a) offering a lot more money
b) have a winning team

neither of which we want if they're building a team.

My suggestion would be at this point to add to the trade to see if you could get a young big like drummond back or knight with a pick and an expirer.
Something like:

Knight, Drummond, CV, Stuckey for

Gay, Lowry

Knight/ FA
Derozan (for now) Ross
Fields (for now)/ Kleiza/ Novak
Drummond/ Acy

You have enough young pieces to make this a developmental year and grow the players....but a very crappy lineup that would have trouble reaching 20 wins if that. Good young core of players you can start building around with next years first pick whoever that may be.
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