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Default Re: Is misdemeanor vandalism a serious charge

Originally Posted by Smoke117
i just don't want to get any kind of charge. I'm hoping to get some kind of alcohol program and what not and not get charged.

i do tons of criminal work, but i'm not gonna pretend like I know what's up in california. Even still, you are probably fine unless you got some crazy judge. I once saw a judge send a kid to jail for 90 days for a second underage alcohol offense. Sh*t happens. It's good you got yourself a lawyer. Smart Move.
If its your first offense a lot of courts have these diversion programs where you have to jump through some hoops, e.g., AA meetings, community service, abstaining from any alcohol and drugs, restitution, etc. and if you successfully complete your charges will get dismissed. Just because you won't be convicted doesn't mean you won't have a record though. You will still have an arrest record which is discoverable through certain types of background checks. I don't know if Cali allows for your arrest record getting sealed.
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