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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by PejaNowitzki
How do you figure when you had just as many experts opposing it as supporting it. The FBI specialist that testified the other day said it is impossible for a stranger or a machine to analyze someone's screams to any degree of accuracy. It got tossed because its not reliable, simple as that, for every expert you found that said he knew definitively who it was 100%, you had another one who said they couldn't tell.

So what?

It should be up to the jury to decide, not the judge. If we have one expert that says it's Zimmerman, and another says it is not, the experts should still be allowed since it is integral to proving malice at the very last moment. In the end it is all an intepretation of evidences and no evidence is ever definitive.

And yes, there are special guidelines and analysis that can be taken to identify the voices. Merely throwing it out (when it is critical to prove a 2nd degree) is throwing the case away.

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