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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
So what?

It should be up to the jury to decide, not the judge. If we have one expert that says it's Zimmerman, and another says it is not, the experts should still be allowed since it is integral to proving malice at the very last moment. In the end it is all an intepretation of evidences and no evidence is ever definitive.

And yes, there are special guidelines and analysis that can be taken to identify the voices. Merely throwing it out (when it is critical to prove a 2nd degree) is throwing the case away.

The jury has heard the audio. And will get to decide based on what they hear. They will not get to hear manipulated audio which is what the audio experts would have had to do to isolate the voices. The judge accepted the FBI audio expert's argument that there was not enough clear, high quality sound to be able to compare the voices. That audio sample was compromised at the source (phones not being high quality recorders and in this case being too far away from the screams) and further manipulation would be unreliable.
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