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Default Re: Full court or Half court?

Originally Posted by D-Wade316
Which do you prefer? Why? Personally, I prefer playing half court because it forces the players to play man-to-man d. Defending man-to-man shows the commitment of players to win a game, because from my experience teammates who instruct you to guard a certain spor or zone shows their laziness and care only for offense. And they blame you a lot for their mistakes like an open man, which is the inherent disadvantage of playing zone d. This is the reason why I prefer 3v3 over 5v5. 5v5 on halfcourt is only a pipedream.

I think this depends a lot on your age. I became more enamored with half court as the years went on, mostly because I felt you were playing more "basketball". Full court turned more into a foot race, and you were getting less test of skill than just running. But as a kid I certainly preferred full court.
Also, full court tends to dissolve into basket hanging and a lot worse habits, unless you can find a good amount of genuinely good players willing to actually play.

I will say full court works a lot better with the right court. The elementary school I went to growing up did a redo of our playground when I was probably in second grade. They did a new court at that time, and it was the best court in our town. It was the only court that was actual width. It was a little short length wise. To me that's perfect. It cuts out some of the footrace elements and basket hanging because the court is around 75 feet instead of 90, and having real width, allows you to play real penetrate and kick basketball.
We have two highschools in my home town. And for what it's worth, kids from my elementary school, and therefore my neighborhood, played PG for 10 straight years at one school and 4 at another (that school wasn't really in the district, but the kid lived a little further away), and I'm convinced it's because that court trained real penetrate and dish and kick type basketball. Then they started bussing kids all over and it got all mixed up.
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