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Default Is Ujiri Building or Tanking ? Thoughts ?

I really dont know despite the Barge and rumored Gay trade.

Curious - what do you think ?

I know lots here prefer to scrap tank and build - but what do you think Ujiri is doing given how he built the Denver team post Melo / Nene ??___

Thinking about the competative landscape..

Play off teams last year:

1) Boston is committed to tanking (Garnett Pierce gone 2014 picks)

2) Philly is committed to tanking (Jrue gone Bynum not signed)

3) Atlanta "really on the fence" if they get Howard they build I guess - if they dont get Howard they tank ? They wont get Howard above Houston Dallas or Lakers as far as I can see.

4) Bucks - Lost Dunleavy, Monta, Reddik...waiting on Jennings to match. Drafted out of left field (Greek Anterkommnu player) dont know what they are doing. I assume they are tanking or at the very least not playoff bound.


a) Brooklyn committed to winning

b) New York committed to winning dysfunctuionally again

c) Heat standing pat at least

d) Indiana standing pat at least

e) Chicago committed to winning


3 of 8 play off teams in the east tanking


i) Detroit building with great core

ii) Washington building with medium core

iii) Bobcats building but a ways off

iv) Cavs building obviously may make playoff run ?

v) Magic building obviously but a ways off

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