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Default Re: 2013-2014 World Football Thread (EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, etc.)

Originally Posted by Lebowsky
Illarra had no problem holding the entire U21 NT (lead the tournament in interceptions if my memory serves me right) and Real Sociedad's midfield pretty much on his own, all while being an outstanding playmaker. I think he and Alonso would make an great midfield together. You know, I'm not a fan of bruiser-type DMFs, in the fashion of the awful few we've had of late. De Rossi is great, but he would cost a fortune and he's already 29.

NT plays a different style and are very disciplined. They don't need to waste energy outside possession and when they do lose it everyone does some sort of work - that's just the culture of the team.

Us....we're going to lose the ball in compromising positions as people get fancy or just do stupid things, then those same people won't track back, and both our fullbacks routinely out of position.......and then you end up with 3 people - one not a particularly gifted defensive player doing any sort of defending.

And then we're on the backfoot - because what these guys are great at is putting pressure on attackers and now they're on the backfoot trying to stop freely flowing attacks.

There's shit that can be done - you can tell people hey you need to defend - but that's not going to happen immediately, if at all....let's keep it real. The other is you sign someone who can legitimately defend.

Third option - my personal favorite - least realistic - throw an extra center back in there and let our defenders do what they do best. They're good enough distributors, all are proactive rather than reactive so - yea - give them a chance. Don't need the extra midfielder.
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