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Default Re: NSA whistleblower Snowden arrives in Moscow

Originally Posted by Nanners
Has there been any visual confirmation that snowden is actually in moscow? As far as I know, he has not given any interviews and has not even been photographed since arriving in Russia. Remember when all those reporters jumped on that plane to Cuba that Snowden was supposedly flying on.... did any of those reporters make it back to Russia yet?

Despite what Putin might be saying, I am starting to think that Snowden was never in Russia. My guess is that either the entire Russia thing is a rouse created by Snowden to draw attention away from his actual travel plans, or that the US govt already captured snowden and they are the originators of this Russia rumor.

Eh, Snowden flew from HK to Moscow and is now held at the local airport hotel in Russian custody. He hasn't appeared in public, but I can't see a reason why Russia would allow him to do that while he is in their custody and his situation remains unclear.

Too many parties involved for this entire Snowden in Russia thing to be a ruse.
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