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Default Re: NSA whistleblower Snowden arrives in Moscow

Originally Posted by LJJ
Eh, Snowden flew from HK to Moscow and is now held at the local airport hotel in Russian custody. He hasn't appeared in public, but I can't see a reason why Russia would allow him to do that while he is in their custody and his situation remains unclear.

Too many parties involved for this entire Snowden in Russia thing to be a ruse.

Snowden allegedly flew from HK to Moscow. There are no photographs of Snowden boarding the plane in HK, no photos of him on the plane in transit, and no photos of him de-planing in Moscow. Also, he has not done a single interview or any sort of public appearance whatsoever since arriving in Russia. You dont think that is a little strange?

We are living in the smartphone era, there are more than a billion people on this planet have cameras in their pocket at this moment, yet as far as I can tell the last time anybody saw photographic evidence of Snowden was when he was being interviewed in a HK hotel room 2 weeks ago. Seems bizzare to me considering how many people are looking for this guy.

The fact that many parties are involved with this is not mutually exclusive from the possibility that this is all a ruse.

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