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Default Re: NSA whistleblower Snowden arrives in Moscow

Originally Posted by LJJ
He was given emergency travel documents from Ecuador to travel in the first place, you think that type of stuff happens at the regular booth at the airport? And there actual was a ton of news coverage of a massive FSB and governmental presence waiting for Snowden's arrival in Moscow, so obviously he didn't go through the regular channels there.

People in business class have smart phones, but if you think a handful of people in a random Aeroflot business class section are standing in line to take photos of Snowden you need a dose of reality. Most of the people there either don't care, don't even know the story or know better than to meddle in Russian state affairs.

You want to believe the conspiracy a bit too bad. Asking for me to show proof this isn't a conspiracy?! Why the hell would you think China, Russia and Wikileaks would be working together so merily? Sounds a bit insane to me.

China, Russia and Wikileaks do not need to be "merily working together" in order for Snowden to be somewhere other than Moscow right now.

Show me one single photograph of Snowden on his plane ride or inside Russia, or any actual evidence other than "the media says hes inside Russia", and I will happily shut my mouth about this conspiracy. Prove me wrong.

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