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Default 4th Annual ISH Money League

chatzy room

1. me
2. Dooms
3. GoBB
4. RBA
5. Jail
6. Illini
7. SCY
8. B4L
9. JazzFan
10. NugsFan
11. silent killer
12. jazz873

who's name is next to be etched into the ISH Money League Shiva?

Look like Yahoo again...if anyone opposes speak now

NEXT STEP?...RBA if you could please set up a League Safe account for us to use and collect everyone's money that would be appreciated

ALSO: B4L, you can go ahead and set up the league on Yahoo, copy the same format as last year, but only send out invites to those who have paid

ALSO ALSO: let's come up with a good draft date for everyone

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