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Default Re: Outside of Wiggins who else in next years class is good?

Julius Randle is probably the 2nd best from a talent standpoint. Wayne Selden, the other wing going to KU is gonna be real good, he's D-Wade esque. Marcus Smart is really good. The Harrison Twins are talented, but they have awful attitudes so they might flop.

Chris Walker and Kasey Hill outta UF will be very good players as well... LeBryan Nash, Cory Jefferson, Isiah Austin, Noah Vonleh, Gary Harris.

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
Smart is probably a bit overrated btw. I like him and its not impossible he woudl have gone as high as 2nd overall and obviously been the first PG off the board, but its also not impossible Burke,MCW and Mccollum all would have passed him. This is a guy who doesn't shoot very well and had an A/TO rate of something like 4/3. That's awful, though I do like his size,defense and demeanor.

Nope, Smart is rated correctly.
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