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Default Re: NSA whistleblower Snowden arrives in Moscow

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
According to the media and all these official reports, he was supposedly on a plane to Cuba not too long ago... How'd that turn out?

most importantly, the true story isnt about where Snowden is.. The true story is: what should be the consequence for the government systematically destroying our 4th amendment rights (and trying to destroy the 1st amendment as well)

I think it is a bigger story that Clapper lied directly to Congress, and yet there are no perjury charges pending.. WTF??

If I lie to congress, do I get to simply write a letter to Diane Feinstein apologizing and everything is all good? I doubt it..

These are all excellent points.

Ultimately, the location of Snowden does not matter, and discussing his location is distracting us from the real issues at hand.
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