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Originally Posted by D12"Magic"
I feel Ty Taylor should get the back up PG role, hes looked good when he played for us, remember the game against the Pacers without D-Will? Taylor lead us in OT to beat them, he is our quickest and for a small guy our most athletic player.

There's a reason we are looked at as a team with no young talent, but lets change that and and give him minutes

He played really good for Kansas and went to the Championship game, obviously the best player their was T-Rob but their starting PG was Taylor.

I heard Coach Kidd will be giving him a chance to prove himself in the summer league. He still needs to learn how to limit his TOs and pass the ball like a natural PG. I agree with you totally I want Ty to be our backup but we should still sign a PG because its always safe to carry 3.
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