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Default Steve Nash trade

Suns were awful last season and the Beasley signing was a real bonehead move but they've been making some nice moves which will fly under the radar for now.

Bledsoe and Caron's expirer was a great get for Dudley.
They all but had Eric Gordon last year and I have a feeling they might still nab him with Dragic and/or Gortat as bait.

The Steve Nash deal was perhaps the best of the lot though, it netted them Archie Goodwin this year who apparently has some nice potential but they will receive the Lakers' unprotected first rounder in 2015. If Dwight leaves and Kobe/Nash/Pau are all 2 years older the lakers will likely be in the lottery. Not bad considering Steve and the Suns no longer had any use for each other.

Suns finally bit the bullet on the rebuild and it's looking ok so far.
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