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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

I've been reading for 3 days now that the Pistons "end game" seems to be a new starting PG/SG/SF. They've shown interest in trading and/or signing a player at each position.

We've been linked to trading for Rondo. I just read that if Calderon leaves we'd be interested in Jarrett Jack (I'd much rather have Jack than Calderon). Also heard we have some interest in Chauncey Billups as well. That's PG.

We had a meeting supposedly set up with O.J. Mayo, which obviously looks like it won't be happening now. Met with Tyreke Evans as well, he's obviously going to be in New Orleans or Sacramento now. Andre Iguodala is still our #2 target behind Smith. That's SG.

We were at Smith's door at 12:01, so he's our top target. Iggy can play SF or SG, and he's our #2 target. Tried to trade for Rudy Gay. That's SF.

I read on Monday that our master plan was to sign Smith AND Iguodala, then trade for Rondo. One of the signings would have had to be a sign-and-trade but I heard that's the ultimate goal.

Will be interesting to see how it all plays out but to be honest, I'm not very optimistic about any of those players coming here at the end of the day. I still think Smith goes to Houston, Iggy stays in Denver, Boston keeps Rondo, Raptors keep Gay. With Evans and Mayo all but off the market, that leaves us with pretty much nothing, maybe Jarrett Jack if he wants to be a starter which Golden State can't offer him. Even J.R. Smith and Kevin Martin are gone (not that I wanted anything to do with either one, I'm glad they are off the market so we can't use them as plan B's if the above doesn't work out).
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