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Default Re: ESPN insider predicts Nets go 64-18 and have BEST shot at winning championship at 36%

the heat after having a league best
and having the 2nd longest winning
streak in nba history
and having Birdman for a full season
and more improved roster
are Going to at least be 3 games worse

and the nets are going to go
from under 50 wins to 64
at least a 15 win swing
all while losing their best rebounder
and one of the nba best

along with having the oldest slowest roster in
the league,and by far the oldest starting 5


I realize every team in the league that looks
good on paper is hyped to the extreme as
Miami-Beaters but come on.

The only way theyll get even 60 wins is if all tge starting 5
play 30-35 min plus
in which case thats a bad idea

Have they heard of the 2012-2013 lakers

Names,Legends,Old age


all got mins and all got injured or worn out
in one way or another

64-18,best record WHAT??
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