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Default Re: ESPN insider predicts Nets go 64-18 and have BEST shot at winning championship at 36%

This will be like an evolutionary version of colossally stacked disappointments such as the 2004, 2013 Lakers ... or they will end up being basically a dominant 2008 Celtics type squad.

But with a rookie coach in Jason Kidd, I'm not too convinced. I definitely have my doubts. Health, and further deterioration of Pierce and Garnett may make them suffer. But all of that could be off set by a developing Brook Lopez and a now healthy, and motivated Deron Williams (he needs to lose weight).

I think all of these guys playing together takes significant burden off each other, weight that at Pierce and KG's age they couldn't handle anymore together on the Celtics. But with Deron, JJ, and Lopez. They may end up being really good. I wouldn't mind seeing a Brooklyn v.s. Miami show down in the ECF.
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