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Default Re: ESPN insider predicts Nets go 64-18 and have BEST shot at winning championship at 36%

i think the Nets are very good..And have improved this offseason so far.. But i think they only slightly improved by adding KG and Pierce.. f@ggot boy Humphries is out of NJ.. but he wasnt all that bad.. he was soft just by looking at him .. he has no indimidation factor whatsoever.. While KG after the game is eating a steak and bangiing his wife and the mistress at the same damn time.. Humphries gets some sushi and a manicure and pedicure combo.. LOLOL

BUt seriously, Pierce and Garnett are only slightly better at this point in their careers than Humphries and Wallace.. I actually think Pierce is done.. the dude is shot, Iman Shumpert owned him and embarassed him with tenacious D in the 1st round against the celtics.. He dominated Pierce so bad , it forced Doc Rivers to say Shumpert was the best player on the court in the series clinching game 6 win..

I heard they were making a run at Kyle Korver.. I think he has since been re-signed with Atlanta... correct?? Hes not a stiff 3 pt shooter like Steve Novak who has to catch the ball wide open and spot up and shoot his 3's.. Korver is an actual bball p[layer not just a shootrer.. I thought adding Korver to the Nets with his 3 point shooting ability and ability to run around screens and cut to the basket would make the Nets team significanty deeper adding Korver, KG and Pierce.. It would make them deeper and better

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