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Default Re: Steve Nash trade

Originally Posted by Run&Gun=Fun
Haha yeah suns fans have retreated back into their shells a bit lately.

Got a feeling they'll get pick no 1 next year. It's about all we can hope for at the moment.
I've been here the whole time including all of last year's painful season. Not going anywhere.

And no, I don't think we'll get the #1 pick next year. That requires good luck, something the Suns never get. Look at this year... the Suns finished last place in the western conference and they still managed to move DOWN a spot in the draft rather than moving up... Typical Suns luck.

I am quite happy with the moves they've made lately, making Hornacek the new head coach. And I like the move the new GM just made getting great value for Dudley. Things are finally starting to look up for us.
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