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Default Re: Is Ujiri Building or Tanking ? Thoughts ?

Originally Posted by bonez26
Who said Camby wouldn't report?

Camby, originally drafted by the Raptors in 1996, isn’t likely to ever suit up for Toronto; he wants to end a long career trying to win a championship. Toronto sources say Ujiri does not yet have a landing spot for Camby but the Raptors GM does have more than a week to find a way to flip him for some other asset. Not doing so risks having to buy Camby out of the last guaranteed year of his contract and get nothing in return for the veteran centre. Toronto Star

From another "internet basketball site not to be named here".

His 4.5 million 2 year deal to be flipped to ? : (1) Denver ? (2) Golden State? (3) I would have said Chicago except they resigned Nazy (4) Miami ? Camby is likely the "3rd best option" once we know (1) who lost out on Howard and (2) who signed Bynum from above.

Bottom line is Ujiri could flip Camby for a draft pick in 2016 or a player especially if he is working on adding Camby to a Derozan contract or soemthing.

I am thinking Ujiri is building and will try to leverage Camby's contract into something as opposed to pay and walk away.

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