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Default Re: Full court or Half court?

I'm a full court guy any and every day of the week. I'll cool with playing half court only when it's looking like it's going to be 3-on-3 or less (sometimes I understand 4-on-4 may work better halfcourt depending on personnel).

Otherwise, to me, basketball is full court. If circumstances result in playing just half court over a one or two week span, I just about go stir crazy. I can't take it. 5-on-5 half court feels incredibly jumbled and compact while 3-on-3 (or less) feels way too simple (V cut, jab step/screen, layup/jumper, repeat).

With full court, it just feels like I'm able to spread my wings and fly. It feels wonderful just to be able to stride out and reach max speed for a bit. Plus, transition basketball is a huge element of the game to me, both offensively and defensively. To chop out all of those elements (fast breaks, secondary breaks, rebounds and push aheads, chasedown blocks, quick recoveries leading to possession reversal, etc.) the game feels like an XBox demo.

I play with a very wide range of abilities. There's nights where the competition is tip-top and then there's nights where sometimes a guy may be playing in jeans. It seems as long as about 60% (at the lowest) of the 10 players playing are of at least moderate ability, full court functions and works just fine. Usually if those who always go hard set the standard, the ones who want to be lazy often have no choice but to push just to keep up. And if there's a straggler or two, they often do not influence the game.

My philosophy is just to go hard whenever I can. In most cases it helps set the stage. It's a win-win. Either it leads to me competing against people at my level or it forces others to step up to my level. If they don't, I get to look like an NBA prospect for a night. Usually enough people step up.
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