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Default Re: Pistons Interested in Rudy Gay

Originally Posted by kmart
I have a feeling, just because of the cap circumstances, that we will have to give up on Derozan rather than Gay in the trades.

Yep good post.. I actually fully agree.

See the other thread on Ujiri buidling. Camby is looking to "land" with a contender.

Given the Pelicans deal for Tyreke Even $44Mil for 4 years... Derozan is easily the most moveable valuable asset..

Derozan and Camby amount to around $15 million assuming trade kickers etc somewhere in the contract. You can take back a minimim of what $12.5 million in that scenerio ?? (the 15%) . Perhaps $10 Mill and a low first rounder.

Dont know any power forwards earning $12.5 million.. perhaps a deal can be worked out with Utah (Milsap or the other one ?) ...but given Camby's vet status he may have a veto ?
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