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Default Re: ESPN insider predicts Nets go 64-18 and have BEST shot at winning championship at 36%

Only reason some people are pessimistic or doubting the Nets is because of what happened to LA this past season. It's funny, because LA never even had a chance to show the world their prowess. Injuries crippled their season and they never had a shot at showing just how good they can be together. Plus a terrible head coach didn't help.

I think Jason Kidd will be a great coach; I always respected his intelligence on the court and his vision. Never thought he was a naturally gifted player, morelike, a genius on the court. So I think (and hope) he will have a successful coaching career.

Garnett & Pierce are old but experienced; Garnett even at his age will still bring intensity, leadership and experience. Pierce will bring a scoring punch plus the ability to hit big shots. Then you still have Deron, who many considered the best PG in the world 2-3 years ago (when he consistently dominated Paul); plus two other pretty lethal scorers in JJ and Lopez.

If they stay healthy, they'll do well. I don't think KG or Pierce will mind sacrificing their stats to win another title.

Best of luck to Brooklyn, will be watching them a lot this upcoming season.
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