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Default Re: Still not ready to fire Grunwald?

This thread is a disaster.

They guy inherit a team with $50 millions going to 3 players.

1. He hires Woodson that goes on a 16-8 and it's the winniest Knicks coach in history.
2. He drafts Shumpert.
3. He trades for Chandler, making Knicks immediately better.
4. He brought Lin, we all know how that turned out, so well that he bolted.
5. he consistently brought cheap ass players that contributed above expected, Novak, Copeland, Prigi, etc...
6. He signs Jr and Felton to peanuts contracts

7. Brings a former nš1 pick for a late 1st round pick, while getting rid of the Knicks two worst contracts.
8. Drafts Hardaway.

We have to see how 7,8 will pan out, but on paper looks good.

The only fail was the trade for Camby. But he was trying to prevent Camby from going to the Heat.

How do you use "hey who thought the Knicks would be this good" as an argument against the GM?

It doesn't make sense.
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