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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Cool idea I saw on another board. SO, the Lakers have been resistent to sign and trading Dwight. However, the Warriors are a team he really likes, so maybe we could help facilitate the move. They were said to be offering Bogut and Barnes(or Thompson), but to sign him outright, they'd have to dump Biedrins or Jefferson too.

So maybe something like Kyle Singler(another shooter to help fill out their roster and so its not just a nothing for all trade) for Bogut,Biedrins and Barnes.

You amnesty Charlie V and sign a PG and fill out the roster with 1 year deal types. You then either have a ton of money for next year's class or you can use the expiring deals to make more moves.

Either way, you have a young core of Knight,KCP,Barnes,Monroe,Drummond with no major cap comitments going forward.
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