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Default Re: Better option???

Bledsoe is more of a score first PG (correct?) and Dragić is more the traditional type PG. Honestly depends on what you feel gives you the best option to win, right? I really like Gordon and was disappointed for the Suns when the Hornets matched the offer sheet. Seems to me like the Pelicans (still getting used to that) are stockpiling talent. Rumors they are about to add Evans either by sign-and-trade, or outright thru the offer sheet that the Kings allegedly will not match.

If I had to guess, I'd venture to say the Suns hold on to Gortat at least till the trade deadline (could be wrong) but seems to me, they are interested in seeing if he can help Len at all. But, that is all contingent upon the offers they receive in return, because if they get something they feel helps them out, Gortat is as good as gone. I just hope they don't salary dump him. I never been a fan of that method of business practice.
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