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Default Re: Ish Official Fit-club

Originally Posted by chips93
i got back to the gym this summer and started squating.

i got up to 110kg, but i realised that i wasnt going that deep, most other people i see squating are going a lot deeper. my thighs dont quite get to parellel with the floor, while other people i see are almost getting their ass to touch the back of their legs.

any advice on how to be ableo to squat deeper?

should i try use less weight and just lift what i can, but focus on going as deep as possible?

any advice would be appreciated.

fwiw, im focusing on gaining mass, i dont put on weight easily

If you think your form is off than most likely its way off. People are often the worse judge of themselves.

My advise would be to first lessen the weight and practice your form.

Second DONT GO AS DEEP AS POSSIBLE. You will be setting yourself up for a serious knee/back/body injury that you may not bounce back from. Instead try to make your thighs go parallel with the ground (like you said). Some guys like to put a bench or chair behind them to make sure they don't go too deep.

Third always squat inside a rack with the safety bars in place. Just in case.

And finally, if you want to put on size it's really no secret. Lift hard and consistently and eat as much food as you can.

Good luck.
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