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Default Re: Still not ready to fire Grunwald?

1. I don't get how that's his fault he signed before the CBA. Out of the players who make the max, he's better than 99% of them. Whatever the max is, was and will be, Carmelo Anthony would have been a max player.
2. Not true at all. Dallas wasn't willing to go over 8 million but offered him more. Milwaukee showed interest but appears to be more interested in OJ Mayo... which is understandable.
3. By all I assumed you meant ALL.
4. Felton get paid far less than what he's asked to do. If he's getting backup money to be a starter, and you at least admit he's a backup, how exactly is he over paid? And why does it matter how long the deal is? If he's a capable backup in your eyes making appropriate money...
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