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Default Re: gringos!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Blue&Orange
No he didn't, Bargs is completely worth a late 1st round, the guy is a former nš1 pick for god sake. Getting rid of Novak and Camby is totally worth two second round picks.

2nd round picks for playoffs teams are pretty useless, they are late picks, and even if you draft some gem, it will be irrelevant because he won't be seeing playing time.

There is a reason all the 2nd round steals where on crappy teams, they had the chance to play.

Look at David Lee, he is not even 2nd round pick but i have no problem saying that if had been picked by a solid team, he would have been buried in the bench and probably would be out from the league by now or would be a bench journeyman he got lucky, he was picked by the Knicks a garbage team by then and had a chance to play.

Knicks can always buy picks or draft undrafted players, like CJ Leslie or... Chris Copeland

Come again?
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