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Default Re: Hawthorne Police Arrest Photographer and Kill His Dog (NSFW)

Originally Posted by Phantom_Blue
Again, there were so many other ways, some that you listed that this could have been handled. I don't blame the cop if he just got scared shitless and he regrets it and gets suspended, but for people to say its "Justified" wtf lol.

That's like saying we should all pack some heat, next time we go to pet a dog and it barks at us, just pump it full of bullets. Not even shoot a warning shot, just put it out its misery for defending itself. It's self defense for us and its justified. That dog shouldn't be mean and should be more understanding of my intentions.

Holy **** there's some dumbasses on this forum lol.
I should've picked a better word than justified, but you get the point. That's why I said the cop holds some of the blame, but not all. He could've handled it a lot better than just shoot the dog. Still, the owner could've prevented everything from happening if we wasn't being an idiot. That's what most people(specifically on Facebook and other social media sites) don't see.
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