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Originally Posted by alenleomessi
i didnt see a thread? what happened? no one watching?

its the last season of the show, and the first episode aired few days ago... the promo for episode 2 looked crazy

I really liked the first episode. But I've been sucked in on this show in the past in the first couple episodes, only to see the wheels come off.

I like the notion of this profiler lady coming in and already knowing who Dexter is. Looks like she's gonna feed him our "villain" this year. And my guess is Dexter will look into him more, and he won't be what she says he is, and that will wind up somehow allowing him to justify her being a killer and fitting the code, and then he can kill her.

The thing that looks like it'll set this year apart is the stuff they're running Deb through. It's much more realistic and gritty than this show often comes off. Usually it's got that dark side, but it's set off by Masuka being a clown, and Batista and Quinn being cardboard cutouts. With more for Deb to chew on, you get the show's second best actor and second most fleshed out charater with something to work with, and it just felt better than it has even during some of the good seasons of the show. Really good stuff.

Also I'm not opposed to getting more of Batista's sister getting it on. And what the hell is the age gap between those two siblings, 25 years?
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