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Default Re: Still not ready to fire Grunwald?

Originally Posted by Blue&Orange
Novak was overpaid when he re-signed he was brought on a cheap ass contract.

You can't let Billups walk, pretty sure when his option was picked, no one thought Mavs didn't want Chandler back. You can argue bad luck there, that's it.

About Prigi and JR contracts, i have nothing against Knicks overpaying their own players, it sends a good message to agents and other players, that sooner or later you gonna get paid. Knicks might be able to sign good players for cheap because of it. And if anyone deserves is Prigi, class act and consummated professional.

1. He was brought in because nobody wanted him. And then we didn't want him either. I don't get how you can argue this when Grunwald himself said "I paid Novak too much money."

2. Chauncey Billups hasn't been a 13 million dollar PG in a while. He damn sure wasn't one for the Knicks, especially given the fact that he was hurt the entire playoffs. So Walsh was an idiot for that (and Grunwald was here with him). Then we compounded the problem paying Chandler. Not sure what luck and the Mavs have to do with it.

3. We've overpaid players who don't deserve it for years. It hasn't paid dividends yet. If we're sending a message, it might be a poor one. In FA, don't both negotiating with the Knicks, because they'll spend their money or bums because they are fan favorites and their fan base hates the players who can actually play.

And for the record, I don't consider JR overpaid. JJ Reddick got a 7 mill per year contract. I think JR's is market value for a 6 man of the year. Especially given the fact he's been playing here WELL under market value.
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