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Default Re: Is Ujiri Building or Tanking ? Thoughts ?

Originally Posted by Grey Dawn
I know, let's not quite do either. Drafting later in the lottery avoids the higher pressures of mis-drafting.

Not sure I agree.

If you tank - tank. Unload everything and loose.

Maximize your shot at the top 3 picks.

Rarely can you pick 7th - 10th overall (with a 20th and couple 2nd rounders) and still parley 2 or 3 draft picks into the number 1. Number 1 / 2 / 3 are generally the "transformational player" i.e. Duncan, Durant, Irving. Teams dont trade number 1.2.3.

I mean its not a perfect formula - its a crap shoot- but I think the hit miss percentage of transformation players drafted 7 - 15 is significantly lower i.e. more misses. There are obvious exceptions especially among big men (Oden, Drako M) but the formula is "general".

If we tank move Gay / Derozan / Lowry. Loose.

If we build "Denver style" then keep 2 of the above and lock them in at reasonable contracts and look for multiple lower 1st round picks with "solid contributors" and low cap hits. You end up with a team of 8 guys all paid $7million each but so much depth you cause fits accross multiple line ups.

This as opposed to Colangelo who always seemed to change strategy around key players (1) build a Euro centric team (2) build around Bosh instead (3) Ooops build a Euro centric team (4) oops bring in high profile players for street cred.

I suspect MU is doing the latter... but there is no clear indication other than :

1) More for il Mago < Barges> than I thought we would get albiet a long way off (2016 draft )

2) The need to land Camby somewhere and what comes out of that.
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