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Originally Posted by alenleomessi
the old lady seems interesting but i would be disappointed if she is the main villain... i mean its the last season of the show, dexter has to be the main villain, literally. the whole miami metro after dexter, that would be epic.

and spoiler: from the promo for next episode debra enters the miami metro saying she has a confession to make ( could be a dream )... and we also see that hannah will be back

i would say more like 15... her 30 and batista around 45

I'd take the 45, but I was thinking 50, and I'd put her around 25 tops. But whatever.

I think that promo was for coming up this season on Dexter, not necessarily next episode, so I don't think all that will happen next week.

I think she might be villain that finally gets Dexter, and turns the whole Miami metro onto him. She puts him on someone she wants dead, he questions her motives, and she goes to MM and rats him out, putting Deb in the middle. That's my guess as to how this plays out.
There will be plenty of people for Dex to work out his emotions on as the season rolls along. I assume he'll be taking out that fake fence / hitman within the next few weeks.
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