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Originally Posted by (e)
It's top 10 protected next year, top 8 in 2015 and unprotected in 2016.

I'd rather have a pick sooner rather than later, especially in next years draft. Doubtful it happens though.
I don't know in the East typically one borderline all star and a decent sidekick is enough to get you into the playoffs as an eighth seed. (Ellis/Gumby, Iggy/Jrue,the year before and you can keep going back hell even Rose/Noah a couple times) And it's not like they have a horrible roster anyways. I'm hoping they overachieve get 10th in the draft so it sets them back a bit in rebuilding, don't improve much because they still don't have a second all star caliber player, then we get a nice pick in 2016.

But I've always felt by 2015 they'd have a decent enough roster we'd get it then. But with so many shitty teams and kinda shitty teams gonna tank for Wiggins (look at what teams did in 02-03 for LeBron and those consolation prizes), I really think we're getting it next year.
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