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Default Re: Al Jefferson to sign with the Cats

Originally Posted by veilside23
i like the signing too :) finally a good pick up for the cats

People in town are bitching about it saying we should suck another season in order to get Wiggins but the draft has not been kind to us in recent years and this is the first time a legit star free agent has even considered coming to Charlotte. The Zeller-Jefferson combo is an immediate upgrade to our front court and good solid building blocks going forward.


The contract is only 2 years with a 3rd year option which is nice seeing as AJ will be an expiring just when Kemba will want to get paid.

Another criticism is that we might just play ourselves into the 8th playoff spot, thus losing out on the lottery. I'm not worried if that happens because of Gordon's expiring contract. He can be traded for player(s) + draft picks.
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