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Default OT err not Raptors : Dwightmare 2

Seriously nothing but all Dwight (today on the net).

The man is an amazing talent no question but do you really think he has the personality to mortgage the whole team on ? Is this guy going to lead the team to the promised land ?

There are some hints that he is not 'the guy'... indecision..agony over disappointing anyone who thinks less than perfectly about him... the whole Lakers debacle season... doenst mesh with Kobe or D'antoni ?? Couldnt mesh with high profile coach in Orlando as I recall.

MJ Lbron Magic Bird - they all worked within the team culture so to speak to make the franchise better and win.

Golden State seemingly is close in running and willing to unwind everything they have to to sign Dwight. Atlanta doing the same

Houston and Dallas appear to be keeping sanity with betting on JHard / Dirk as one face of the team...

Lakers cant give up Kobe though frankly I think they would.

Maybe I am jealous Toronto cant even take a run.. but I dont know if i would bet all down on Dwight. You can pick up a lot of talent depth on $22 M large

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