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Default Re: Still not ready to fire Grunwald?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Grunwald has made 1 trade this offseason- and it was a great trade. Took a safe low risk/low reward draft pick- and then picked up a guy that could payoff as an undrafted rookie.

There is still a chance of another trade- grunwald might have the best offseason of any gm in the league.
you sir a delusional. that was not a great trade it was garbage trade. you overpaid for a guy that would have eventually been amnestied that they couldnt get rid of fast enough and mortgaging picks which is equated to cheap labour.

there is still time though for this guy to do something. but right now
felton, shump, melo, bargs, stat, chandler, hardaway jr, leslie is not going anywhere fast.

Bargs didnt fill one void on this team. He isnt the answer to anything this team needed to fill. This team needed a scorer, defender, size, a legit number 2. Bargs does none of these things.

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