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Default Re: OT err not Raptors : Dwightmare 2

Maybe I am jealous Toronto cant even take a run.. but I dont know if i would bet all down on Dwight. You can pick up a lot of talent depth on $22 M large
It really depends on where your team is. I think getting Dwight makes sense for Houston and GS and a less little for LA or Dallas.

I wouldn't want to chase Dwight unless I knew the team was on the verge of being a legit contender. That's a lot of money for a player that won't get any better and will not age well. A player totally reliant on athleticism/strenght instead of skill is not someone I'd want to be paying that much money to in their early to mid 30's.

Houston and GS have the young stars in Harden and Curry. Add Howard to either of them while still retaining some of their other good cheap players (Parsons, Barnes) and you have a legit contender for the next couple years. Houston also can deal Asik (a damn solid player) for better fits for their roster.

Dallas and LA have aging stars and this kind of a deal could really screw them over for the future.

If it was the Raptors chasing him, absolutely not. No thanks.
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