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Default Re: Still not ready to fire Grunwald?

Originally Posted by el gringos
1 future pick in the 20's. another Tim hardaway jr type pick- 2nds can be bought in any year if there was a guy they wanted.

I agree that Felton, shumpert, Carmelo, Bargnani, amare, chandler, and the 2 rookies isn't going anywhere. But I think you are wrong that Carmelo, Bargnani, shumpert, jr isn't a group of 4 that can be added too.

Amare is someone who you can't count on anything from- put the right pieces around him and put him in the right spot and the Knicks can revive some of his value.

So if amare can't be moved for pieces it has to be chandler and Felton moved for pieces that fit around the top 4. Are you really saying the Knicks couldn't get anything out of those guys? Or do you believe those 2 are the right pieces?
Do you realize you cant buy a complete roster? If you do you have to want to be way over the luxury tax. Obviously you didnt get the memo the new CBA punishment for being over the luxury tax is astronomical. The knicks arent going over where they are....!!! They eventually want to lower the bill.

So how do you not buy a team you draft players but if you have no picks then you cant do that... If you have no picks you cant dump players on other teams for free.

For you to dump players on other teams they have to be moved to teams that are under the salary cap. None of these players are worth their salary. You realize thats what franchise main complaint is. Can they be moved sure. How do you do it then when these guys arent commodities for play? They arent expirers, you have no picks to package them with? You dont want to take on more salary?

Something should be done though if you want a championship.
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