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Default Re: Hawthorne Police Arrest Photographer and Kill His Dog (NSFW)

Originally Posted by aj1987
When there's a SWAT team and about a dozen cop cars (cops with MP-5's and shit) you don't mess with them. Just imagine if your loved one was involved in the hostage situation.

The guy was trying to be a little bitch. There were a butt load of other people around the scene, who were recording. Yet, the dumbass (guy in the video) decides to move about as close to the scene as possible. That's why he got detained. He doesn't even have the common sense to raise the windows. Grade A dumbass. Hope people like him don't pollute the gene pool.

Was it a hostage situation?

I heard the armed robbers barricaded themselves in the victims house, but were the victims still in there?

If it was a hostage situation thats even worse, what Leon Rosby did.

Cops do plenty of things wrong, Eg. stop and frisk, trying to get there "stats up" with drug convictions, etc.

The house I live in talks about this.

Nothing the cops did in this situation was unreasonable or wrong.
Rosby deserved to be arrested for his actions. That is a critical situation where lives are at risk and he decides to make the situation worse. Everybody else was standing much further back and videotaping it. He was the only civilian that inserted himself into the situation. After refusing to turn down his music and go away he deserves to be arrested in that situation (which was an armed robbery stand off).

His dog attacks the police officer arresting him, understandable since his dog probably thought his owner was being attacked and wanted to help. The police officers react to a rottweiler about to bite him and shoots the rottweiler. Personally I think this was the wrong action, but its understandable.

Rosby was the only person that behaved unreasonably and beyond comprehension. Who goes up to police officers during an armed standoff with robbers and blares music, at them refusing to turn down the music, and criticising them for a lack of racial diversity? Who in that situation behaves that way? I am being generous to Rosby in saying the cop was 30% at fault.
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