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Default Re: Still not ready to fire Grunwald?

Originally Posted by Blue&Orange
This isn't the Knicks forum this is the "lets whine and bitch" forum.

A late 1st round pick for a former nš1 draft selection a bad trade? While at the same time you get rid of two bad contracts and improve your 2015 cap space.

Two LATE 2nd round picks, who gives a shit?

Bargs would be amnestied? wtf are people smoking to believe this crap? Why would the Raptors amnesty Bargs when they have a even worse contract with gay?

I would love to see those superstars you guys could get with a late 1st round and 2 late 2nd round picks.

Bargnani is not worth three picks, and yeah he was certain to be amnestied.
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