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Default Re: Dwight chose Houston - Lakers rebuild??

Originally Posted by DKLaker
What a low class ignorant, illiterate rant about nothing, I know you're butthurt about Dwight leaving, you're free to be a crybaby, this is an open forum where we can say what we like as long as we keep it respectful.
I have the right to state my very much proven opinion, and even the biggest dummy on here is also free to say whatever he or she feels.
If you don't like this freedom YOU can leave at any time, you have that right as well. If you think 'Antoni should be the coach and that Jimmy Buss has a clue on how to run this franchise, say it, I don't give a rats ass.
Anyone who knows WTF they are talking about would agree with my comments on this matter. I said even BEFORE the terrible mikes were hired that they were going to fail miserably, I was upfront about it while many others said to give them a chance.....I said I was 100% positive that they were horrible hires.......oops, I was right both

I warned everyone, years in advance that if Dr. Buss gave this team to Jimmy instead of Jeanie, that he would run the franchise into the ground......well, if you don't see the path we are on, then I guess you don't know better than to walk in front of a truck either. We are probably headed into the sh!t hole the Raiders are in unless Jimmy either lets Jeanie run everything or sells the team.
If you think I'm wrong about this, I will say the same thing that I said about the Mikes, go ahead....If you ever have anything to prove me wrong, feel free to call me on it........I'm still waiting, and I know you will never be able to call me on

As for me just being a coach.....lmao, yeah ok, lets see, I own a large house in Calabasas with a large pool and 2 expensive cars.....just to name a few things. If you actually think I got that by coaching AAU basketball I enjoy coaching and I am great at it but it is not my JOB.
Seeing the language you use, I seriously doubt you could own anything.....maybe you're a truck driver???

Don't embarrass yourself, stick to attempting to discuss basketball, that's what this forum is for.

this is where i stopped reading

this was power play by Kobe: kobe didnt care about howard anways....kobe 2/3 or howard 5 yrs...give e kobe please

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