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Default Re: Dwight chose Houston - Lakers rebuild??

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
lol seriously stfu dude....u r a coach and nothing else...

I am ok with the loser has more to do about his relationship with kobe then about the coach.....i take 2-3 more years of Kobe than pathetic baby Dwight Howard


That loser and pathetic baby didn't have to play early in the season coming out of back surgery. He then tore his labrum and yet finished playing 76 games just missing 6 contests.
Pau missed 33 games. Nash missed 32 games etc.
That pathetic Dwight still was in the top 5 in FG%, rebs, blocks etc.
Did he had a great season. Heck no,
But Geez man, you whine about DK ranting on D'Antoni and yet you did the same to Howard.
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